Dear friends of
This note is to announce the suspension of our trip log and to thank all of you for your regard continued interest.
The website will remain up for you to share with
r friends.

For now it will stand as a memorial to the love of my life.

During the ascent of a canyon in Argentina Ingrid fell from a cliff edge and passed away within minutes of me getting to her.

I have tried to put this nightmare into words.
 You can find it in the navigation,under"Disaster".

My love to you all until you here from me again.

I miss you so much Sweetie
In deepest love

Joerg Bareuther

A cowardly human dies a thousand deaths, a courageous only one.

J. W. v. Goethe

Travel start: April 2010 in Canada

           End:  04.05.2012 in Argentina                          

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