Travelling and foreign cultures were our passion ever. We visited and dived many countries on several continents. In 1999 we said goodbye to self-employment respectively a good position to get to know the world. In the beginning as diving instructors and base leaders in the Maldives, afterwards for nine years as dive centre managers and entrepre- neurs in Egypt. There we became addicted to the fascination of the desert. We explored the Arabian Desert with our all-terrain pick-up until we crossed it on foot – alone and without any help – from the Red Sea to the River Nile in the
end of 2008.


Nearly settled down in North Africa we, Joerg Bareuther, born in 1963, and Ingrid Bareuther, born in 1967, were overcome by wanderlust once more. We spent the year 2009 completely with the preparation of our long-cherished life dream: to circumnavigate the globe. After searching the vehicle, internet researches, building up the cabin on our own, and planning the route we want to start to experience and hike the world. We invite you to join us virtually.